Lixin century is an international enterprise based on real estate established by GCC and Lixin group in Cambodia. Relying on the extraordinary strength background of the two groups, it adheres to the consensus of "co-creation of the century, symbiosis and win-win", and the development system planning of long-term strategic cooperation, to jointly realize the layout of the core market, A number of large-scale projects have been launched in Cambodia. With concerted efforts, we have accumulated extensive experience in real estate investment and marketing. Now we have expanded to China and set up a branch named Lixin century China.

GCC is a comprehensive enterprise that originated in Hong Kong, China, rooted in Cambodia and oriented to ASEAN market. It is rich in financial business, real estate development, land investment, property management, information technology, architectural design, cultural popularization, catering, retails, and medical treatment, etc. It brings the top industry technology into Cambodia, a country full of vitality. Under the framework of international vision, local opportunities and diversified resources, it brings together elite talents from all countries, to secure the group's business growth and healthy development.
Lixin Group is a Chinese-Cambodian joint venture development group. Adhering to the bold spirit of breakthrough and innovation, it strives to innovate and to break through the industrial limitations to lead the industrial upgrades in the vertical development of professional fields, to lead the group’s development into an excellent all-round enterprise. The group takes first-class land and real estate development as its core business, and at the same time, it is widely involved in culture preservation, tourism, hotel, property management, science, technology, finance, international trade, cultural media, catering and other major fields.
With the vigorous innovative concept and outstanding business pattern, combined with the group's precise development planning, excellent industrial structure, professional market operation and elite team, we have became an enterprise which have significant influence in real estate and project development; for example, Lixin Century Innovation Park, international racecourse, international golf course, etc. In the near future, several new projects will being allowing us to exercise our advantages of advance planning and forward-looking mindset to promote industrial development, and strive to achieve the glorious future under the economic globalization.
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