Board of Directors
Yu Ka Ki GCC Chairman

Mr Yu is the chairman of GCC. He has years of experience of running business. He is broadly expose to different kinds of industries, having achievements on property, information technology and financial fields. At the same time, he has strong business networks in Cambodia of those fields. In his early years of academic, he graduated BBA Hons degree from Oxford Brookes University, master degree of Estate Surveying from The University of Hong Kong, and Law degree from University of London.

From his age of 26, he was already appointed different positions to contribute to the society by Hong Kong government. At the same year, he was appointed to become the member of Professional Development Committee and Licensing Committee by Real Estate Agent Authority, the member of Real Estate Services Training Board by Vocational Training Council. He was invited to the meetings of Task Force on Land Supply and become the representative of real estate industry to attend FATA meeting. His performance was excellent and got awards. In recent years, he became the CPPCC member of Jiangcheng district, Yeungkong city in Guangdong province, contributes to his motherland and community.

In community service, he actively participates in Youth charity activities. He was appointed to become the chairman of Hong Kong Eastern Youth, vice president of Hong Kong Island Youth Organization Union, board member of Hong Kong InnoVision. He holds several popular events in the community, founded Youth interactive platform, brought youth’s new generation’s skills and talents into full play. In the field of estate, he is the vice president and the information technology convenor of Hong Kong Real Estate Agencies General Association. He founded the Hong Kong popular estate information platform and system: eAgent. He built a good foundation of technology field in his industry.

Ricky Lai GCC CEO

Mr. Lai is the executor director and CEO of GCC, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, major in Accounting and Finance. He is a current registered member of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA). He used to take up senior management roles at PwC Hong Kong and Australia, the largest CPA firm around the globe, for more than 10 years, focusing on financial consultation, corporate finance, IPO, restructuring, merger and acquisition, property and securities investments.

Together with his management expertise and business instincts, he visited dozens of countries seeking business opportunities in China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia and Fiji in early years and established excellent relationship and recognition with local government officials. In recent years, he has been based and focused on long term development of Cambodian market. Using his excellent business skillsets, along with partnering of local government agencies, he is able to engage in different industries, and achieved outstanding results and recognitions.

After working restlessly in leading the company in Cambodia, GCC is now one of the top 5 conglomerate enterprises in Cambodia. He also established Greater Bay Area Cambodia Association, the first business association recognized by the Minister of Interior of Cambodia. As the vice president of the association, his dedication is well known that being invited by the Minister of Interior as their Honorable Advisor and participate in multiple government activities. While expanding the businesses in Cambodia, he upholds the concept of taking from the community and using it for the community, he leads the GCC team to participate in local charity events with the aim of contributing back to the society.

Lat Hong Leang 執行董事

Mr. Lat Hong Leung has over 20 years for being an entrepreneur and acquired knowledgeable business experience. His first business was a mortgage brokering business in Australia.  In 2006, he shifted his focus to agriculture industry in Cambodia where he later moved there.

During the early days in Cambodia, he made various investments in property and business including import export and healthcare businesses. His extensive business network and local knowledge allows him to provide specific advices to many companies wanting to start businesses in Cambodia.

Mr. Lat is the Executive director of GCC and also Managing director for 2 other companies, BioPlus Health Center and Joint International Trade.

Lam Ho Bun GCC Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Lam graduated from Benedictine College with a bachelor's degree in business administration, majoring in finance and management. He has more than 12 years of qualifications in the financial industry, covering areas including risk management, team management, talent recruitment, sales, product development, corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions and listing matters, covering Hong Kong, Mainland China, Malaysia, the United States, etc. His analysis and communication skills in various fields are extraordinary, and his precise thinking ability and rich experience also make him have a very good leader in the workplace.

Prior of joining the Group, he served as the director of business development in the Hong Kong listed company, as well as the director of a financial advisory company and the head of the investment research department. In particular, he has unique insights into the global market and skilled at investing in different asset classes and unique industry focused funds to match the economic cycle. Exercising his excellent foresight and analytical ability, he has repeatedly exceeded the expectation for enterprises and customers for better results in development.

Mr. Lam is currently the Chief Financial Officer of GCC, as well as the head of GCC Hong Kong headquarters and Treasurer of The Greater Bay Area Cambodia Association. Inheriting GCC's business motto, Mr. Lam extended the corporate territory created by the group in Cambodia back to Hong Kong. Since the establishment in Hong Kong headquarters, he has led the team to organize various projects and event exhibitions, including the famous International Immigration and Property Expo. The outstanding promotion of activities quickly became a trend in the investment market, and it also attracted Hong Kong local media for series for interviews, and successfully established the group's reputation in the industry.

Henry Ng GCC Chief marketing officer

Chief Marketing Director Henry Ng Mr. Ng was graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a degree of BBA. He is also a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing. Right after his graduation, he was in a position of Fortune Global 500, responsible for financial planning, marketing promotion. He has experience in managing sales team for over ten years.

In his early years, he took part in developing property information platform system named eAgent. He was in a position of director, responsible for overall planning on the whole business operation, brand positioning and branding. He also founded market unique electronic system via multiple market promotion and cooperating with big banks. The performance speaks for itself and it was awarded with many market recognized prizes.

In the scope of property selling, he led his team to explore China Big Bay area business. He had his whole promotion planning management system in Zhuhai, Zhongshan and Huizhou. He cooperated with several big listed-company developers selling properties vary from residence, apartment carpark with glorious selling results.