According to legend, bak kut teh is a food originating from Chaozhou and Fujian. It is popular in places such as Singapore and Malaysia. It is also divided into two main versions: Klang bak kut teh and Singapore bak kut teh. The former is mainly based on medicinal herbs, with a darker color and richer flavor; and later on add a large amount of white pepper, and the soup is lighter in color and more fragrant.

Origin of Bak Kut Teh:

During the British rule, the British built a port in Klang. At that time, most of the ancestors who went to Southeast Asia to make a living worked as manual laborers in the port or as miners. Because the miners have been immersed in the mining lake for a long time, many miners have become ill from overwork and needed supplements, but they could not afford expensive Chinese herbal medicines. Later, a tin mine owner who had a basic understanding of Chinese medicine and a compassionate heart, was sympathetic to the suffering of the miners and hoped that they could have a healthy body to improve efficiency, so he wrote a Chinese herbal prescription and instructed the chef to boil a pot of soup with meat and bones for the employees to stay warm. After the story spread, people learned to use Bak Kut Teh to ward off cold and relieve fatigue, and the fragrant Bak Kut Teh can also be eaten as breakfast and lunch, which can quickly provide physical energy.

The taste of home brings warmth to Heart and also Stomach
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