GC media is an advertising media company focusing on high-end media operation strongly built by GCC, having rich media resources and core advantages businesses, including brand image promotion, advertising production and promotion, event banquet, etc. Under our all-round and highly efficient media development framework, combined with senior local media team, we build a multi-market media business system.

Main strengths: TV advertising shooting and production, enterprise advertising video, documentary, short film/short video, event planning and implementation, product packaging planning and sales, media campaign , etc. Under the combination of multi rich resources and team cooperation, our goal is to effectively promote our products for businesses, meet the rendering power of business owners and brand creation, and create valuable and influential content and types for cilents’ brands.

Business scope includes:

  • Brand image design business performance
  • Media launch party planning
  • Design printing
  • Facebook advertising and management
  • Tik tok advertising and management
  • Tuk tuk car advertising
  • App / website development

With the rapid development of Cambodia's economy, diversified industries and enterprises continue to flock in. Facing the vast emerging markets, as a high-end media for businesses and customers, GC media adheres to the spirit of innovation and challenge, creates a series of diversified media services, imports more innovative and professional promotion ideas for the local media market, and improves and cultivates more professional skills of local staff.

We have our own professional team, from planning, design, planning, production, to understand the needs of customers and draw up different strategies, production of high-quality communication plan, through innovative thinking and techniques to enhance enterprise popularity, in the ever-changing marketing environment for customers to seize the opportunity, increase brand exposure, so that products in different platforms to win attention, create a good sales achievements!

Internet celebrity endorsement activities
Vivo Phone
Toshiba electronics
SMART Telecom
Activity planning and execution
The top 5 award ceremony of Seven Star Sea resort (UnionPay group) Internet celebrity is exclusively broadcast by NICE TV.
Sponsored by vivo, seven star sea resort (UnionPay group) and LM car.
product marketing and sales
Social media resources
Internet promotion
  • Panda Shopping official account with 290000 fans
  • Panda Media official account with 90000 fans
International Version promotion
  • Panda Shopping official account with 1.8 million fans
  • Panda Media official account has 1.3 million fans
TV channel
  • In cooperation with 12 mainstream media in the country, more than 100 TV ads are launched every day and more than 2000 TV ads are launched every month, covering 25 provinces and cities in Cambodia
  • Broadcast at least 2000 times a month, with an average of 50000 people watching each time, and 100 million people watching in 30 days!
  • We have news release channels of domestic popular portal sites, covering domestic and foreign news consultation, media consultation, industry consultation, entertainment fashion, practical information, etc.
Cambodia news portal
Khmer load
Sabay News
Popular Magazine
Fresh news
Chinese news portal
Advertisement design
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