The economy of Cambodia is skyrocketing. Not only its average rate of GDP growth hits 7% for 7 years consecutively, highest in ASEAN in 2019, its industry chain is also skyrocketing. From textile to electronics and vehicle parts, Cambodia became the new “Asian Tiger.” Since it entered WTO in 2004, its poverty rate dropped sharply from 53.2% to 10%. In order to strengthen and attract foreign investment, Cambodian government has provided preferential policies such as releasing 100% ownership and tax free period up to 9 years, attracting foreign capitals investing into industries such as finance, property, manufacturing and telecommunication. The 「Cambodia Industrial Development Policy 2015~2025」is hoping to reform the industries in Cambodia.
As a first offshore fund focusing on Cambodia, GC Fund gained trust from clients by having strong investment network and leading investment insight in Cambodia. Fund products include Cambodia property management investment projects and property developing fund. All the products are appointed to independent third party project manager in Hong Kong.
Investing Partner
Jacky Chan 陳卓基

Mr Chan holds a degree of Economic and Finance in Hong Kong University. In 2017, he was in a position of analyst, senior project manager and Asia Pacific business manager. He was the CEO of Global Vision Fund. He held senior position in 3 big fund management company in Hong Kong, including GLM asset management limited, KGI and CASH financial service group. From January 2018, he held a position of Vice President in asset sales management in greater China department in HT FUND. He has more than 15 years’ experience on global financial analyze and capital investment field.

During his service in HT FUND, he mainly focused on research and develop midcap fund, including BRAVO Arbitrary fixed capital return fund, SWENSON Arbitrary fixed asset return fund, Hong Kong Special Project fund, Global IPO Alpha Fund. Besides his professional experience in fund management, he also held a position of senior researcher and consultant in Boom Securities (HK) Limited and the Bank of East Asia. He acquired vivid experience on asset consultancy and research.

Cruise Yang 楊慶勇

Mr Young graduated from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics with a degree of Accounting and a master degree of National Economics. He also graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with a master degree of Science. He has been working in the field of investment and investment consultancy for almost 20 years.Before 2001, he mainly participated and led the listing and investment project of China concepts stocks in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore and United States. He participated and invested in the projects of listing, merging and reverse takeover of twelve companies.From 2010 to now, he mainly participates in the listing and investment works of China A Shares main board, SME board, GEM board, Sci-Tech innovation board. He also participates in the work of capital raising and investing of Hong Sheng capital management, directly and indirectly participates in the investing and merging of 5 A shares listing companies. He is now the managing partner of Hong Sheng capital management co. ltd, owner of 英納投資(天津)有限公司 and 海納德圓(北京)投資諮詢有限公司.

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