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GC land is one of the brands under GCC. It is a primary land developer. Land is a precious resource and also a cornerstone of the company. It is very challenging for primary land developer to make profit for the company and the investors. At the same time, buyers and cooperating party got legal protection and perfectly tailored land for development.

Every high-rise building starts from the ground. Our motto is to make good use of land resources, release the potential of land, value adding to the land, creating a full district development, reviving the urban function, increase public interests, improve the city appearance, and bring people a sustainable and high-quality living environment through maximization of land value.

GC land has in-depth research and professional analysis on Cambodian land market. We have excellent professional team, unique insight on land, excellent resource integration ability, and make the best preparation for the new town project with efficient planning and infrastructure construction. Unleased the potential of a land and create new opportunities for economic development!

Research and analysis scopes include environment, landscape, potential value lies in land and legal research.
Design overall plan, land form, related civil engineering construction including main road, branch road, drainage and power system for lands.
GC land Primary land developer collaboration targets
General and professional investors
Land investors
Property developers
Family trust and foundation

If you would like to know more about the issues of land investment cooperation plan and land buying, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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