GCC Japan is a subsidiary of the golden Cambodian century GCC group in Japan, headquartered in Cambodia. The main business is to promote the sales of Cambodian real estate projects in Japan, and to assist more Japanese developers to enter the Cambodian real estate market and other Cambodia laws and related consulting in various fields. Through our experience in Cambodia's financial and real estate fields, we can further understand Cambodia by Japanese customers and provide professional, timely and trustworthy investment information for Japanese customers. We will provide customers with high-quality product content and information to cater to the vast market from simple to luxurious, and bring convenient and reassuring one-stop service for Japanese customers.

GCC Japan is committed to becoming the most professional and reliable Cambodian real estate and business information platform in Japan, providing customers with accurate market intelligence, the most valuable returns and excellent services, and upholding to integrity, so that customers and investors can cooperate with us with no worries, being the bridge of business intercommunication between Japan and Cambodia, and giving back to the people of the two countries with first-class services.
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Person In Charge
Agnes Yang Chief Operating Officer

CFA chartered financial analyst, CIPS international real estate analyst, NAR member of American Real Estate Association. She has worked and lived in Chinese mainland, Japan, the United States and Britain, and is proficient in Chinese, Japanese and English.

She had worked for a large Japanese car brand for 5 years. After legal and management experience, he entered the real estate industry to help developers in Philippines, the United States and the United Kingdom find good opportunities to enter the Japanese market. She has been involved in Cambodia's real estate business since 2019 and has a deep understanding of Cambodia's housing sales, leasing market and property management. Good at market analysis, multinational business negotiation, for customers to compare the properties of different countries, choose the best overseas investment scheme.

Asuka Miyakoda Marketing Director

More than ten years of sales and marketing experience of international first-class luxury brands in Japan. Apart from Japan, she has worked and lived in Hong Kong and Singapore for several years. Later, she moved to the overseas real estate industry. She has been a lecturer since 2019. She has held more than 200 Cambodian real estate seminars and won the trust of Japanese customers.

Proficient in Japanese, Chinese and English. The specialty is to understand the demand of Japanese customers for overseas real estate, accurately position the real estate marketing strategy, and push it to the target group with market promotion.

Yinglan Chi Sales Director

She has the qualification of real estate transaction agent, a director of management and a master of real estate at Meikai University, and is proficient in Chinese and Japanese. She has sojourned in Japan for 17 years, and has worked in 2 large Japanese real estate development companies to help them to develop the Chinese market in mainland China. With 12 years of real estate experience, involving real estate development, sales, leasing management, property management, etc., she is good at understanding the needs of customers from the perspective of customers and customizing the exclusive real estate investment plan for them.

Our mission is to build a real estate investment centred enterprise with financial, legal and other business consultation based on the international business wisdom of the Headquarter, Golden Cambodia Century GCC group, which is rooted in Cambodia, and integrates the local and local conditions of Japan. To provide the latest information, tailored consultation and answer and close after-sales service, to provide convenient one-stop service for Japanese customers. For your investment in Cambodia to escort the journey with no hesitation.
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