“Hong Kong Restaurant” is one of the most well-known restaurants in Cambodia, widely amazed by foreigners and local people. From 2016-2020, there were 6 branches opened. Traditional Hong Kong style got promoted to foreign countries. 5 branches are located Phnom Penh. 1 branch is located in Malaysia.

Theresa Yuen- founder of “Hong Kong Restaurant”- saw the opportunity of Hong Kong style catering in Cambodia. She then opened the first branch in BKK1, expanded the territory in Cambodia. Because of its location in town center area, it became famous because of the visit by celebrities and millionaires. Besides its popularity in Phnom Penh, it also attracts attention of media in other places, like Hong Kong Apple Daily, Orientaldaily, exmoo news, 58cam, guidebook.

Person In Charge
Theresa Yuen

Theresa is the founder of “Hong Kong Restaurant,” founded the first “Hong Kong Restaurant” in 2016. It is amazed by foreigners and local people, successfully entered the catering industry in Cambodia. “Hong Kong Restaurant” was founded in 2016. It is under GC Catering enterprise; it is the only main brand with Hong Kong passion and Hong Kong style product. in the past 4 years, it opened 5 branches in Phnom Penh and one flagship store in Malaysia. It already became one of the most outstanding food chain restaurants in Cambodia, also is a Chinese restaurant with most branches opened.

H k

Unique decoration with traditional Hong Kong style catering and Hong Kong style, is making “Hong Kong Restaurant “got an award of “The best restaurant voted by Chinese in Phnom Penh.”The whole decoration is designed with Hong Kong nostalgia, by that, it brigns Hong Kong culture to Cambodia. Because of the unique decoration style, it attracts large number of tourists to check-in. it is especially welcomed by property industry. It is the must-go check-in spot for property tour.

Besides the unique Hong Kong style decoration, the traditional Hong Kong style beverage is one of the biggest selling points. There is various food like Hong Kong style pineapple bun, congee, rice with pork chop, noodle, home-made BBQ pork, beef brisket noodle and char siu combo rice. They are all taste of Hong Kong. It is safe to say they are 100% moving the Hong Kong style to Cambodia. If you come to Cambodia, you don’t want to miss it.

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