Person In Charge
Eric Chong General Manager

Mr Cheung acquired his DBA degree and graduated from INTI International University in Malaysia. Upholding his full passion of real estate, he joined the elite real estate development company in Kuala Lumpur. He constantly studied the development of the related field. He has extensive 10-year experience in Malaysia real estate industry. His expertise is designing a differentiated sales and promotion strategy to increase the value of the project.

With continuous effort and achievement in his field, he gained recognition from the industry and customers, and became an expert on real estate project design, market promotion and sales planning. With his professional and vivid experience, he was hired to participate into many famous real estate development projects in Cambodia. His unique promotion strategy also made a high sales result in the local market.

He is now the CEO of GC Empire, a subsidiary of GCC. Under his supreme leadership, he leads the team to achieve a continuous and sustainable target and explores a new trend of market promotion. He brings the new launched project to the spotlight. His unique and innovative concept developed “NADI CARE” for the clients, a first property management service of its kind in Cambodia, attracting many media highlights, making the project unique in the market.

Alex Loo Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Lu has more than seven years of experience in the real estate field in Phnom Penh. From 2013 - 2016, he worked as the sales director of aura condo; from 2016-2018, he worked as the chief executive officer of a Singapore company SC CAPITAL; from 2018- 2020, he worked as the general manager of a Japanese company NC Maxworld. His business focuses primarily on real estate planning, design, marketing planning and marketing strategy.

He is now the chief operating officer of GC Empire, a subsidiary of GCC. After joining the group, together with the accumulated experience, he successfully established the largest channel company in Cambodia with thousands of employees. With bold attempts and flexible response strategies, he was able to deliver a remarkable US $30 Million in business sales in only five months under the pandemic, creating a miracle and making the project a success in the local market. His incomparable strength in the field of marketing brings him a good reputation in the industry and became the benchmark of real estate channel.

Our business value
250 international and local
Sales network resources
Up to 13 countries
Sales network
Numbers of professional marketing
and sales experts
20 sets of self-developed
Real estate promotion and sales methods
How do we measure results
Marketing and sales

We measure the value of each marketing activity by the number of customer consultation. Each marketing activity has different goals. We use various marketing tools to reach our target customers, such as; Google ads, Facebook, youtube, SMS, telemarketing, popup ads, newsprint, etc.


We have different types of sales leads, and each sales lead has a different structure. Therefore, we have a set of KPIs to measure sales results.

Our core values
Enhance the potential of real estate development
Advertising and promoting
Attract customers in the most cost-effective way
Target customers
Shorten sales time
Increase the revenue rate
Our services
  • market research
  • Customized products
  • Develop sales and promotion strategy
  • Build a sales network
  • Build a sales team
  • Implement marketing plan
  • Optimizing the sales process
  • Cash flow management
  • customer relationship management
  • Real estate development's consultation
Exhibition / activities
Video Sharing
GCC Sihanoukville Project Seminar
NADI by GC CITY First Seminar
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