GC Orussey Market is elaborately built by GCC group, integrating Khmer architectural wisdom and modern real estate development project into a contemporary Cambodian traditional wholesale market.
  • Vision of Orussey Market

Orussey used to be a low-lying area. In khmer language, "O" originally means "stream". People who lived here before the 1950s were particularly impressed by the chaos of the area and the history. After years of war and mismanagement, it was always in a mess and could not get rid of the fate of living in the slums. With the rapid development and expansion of Phnom Penh, the government planned to renovate and built the Orussey market.

built stronger

GC Orussey market is a five storeys building, 6 meters tall each floor, with enough natural ventilation, and 4300 shops of different sizes to meet the needs of different vendors. Our idea is to allow every wholesaler to inherit the wisdom of business. It is not only a distribution point for goods sales, but also a converging center of culture and life.

The market exterior design retains the essence of ancient Khmer architectural design. Our design team integrates traditional elements and references from the late Khmer architect Mr. Vann Molyvann's mastery of Khmer architectural aesthetics and modern concept interaction, all committed to build GC Orussey market.

The rapid economic development of Cambodia attracts a large number of tourists, in addition to the unique buildings and strong cultural atmosphere, traditional local market is one of the most popular scenic spots in the eyes of Cambodians and foreign tourists. In these markets, goods are great in quality and cheap, also packed with delicious local snacks. Among all, the most famous ones are the Central Market, the old Orussey Market and the Russian Market.

The Central Market
The Old Orussey Market
The Russian Market

GC Orussey Market, a dedication to the late Cambodian architect Mr. Vann Molyvann, will be added to the list of Phnom Penh market in 2023

It will become another “must visit” destination in Phnom Penh when doors open.

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Outdoor shopping mall
Outdoor shopping mall
Indoor shopping mall
Indoor shopping mall
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