With the recovery of the worldwide economy, ASEAN has become a spotlight of exploring business opportunity. Cambodia, in the meantime, has steadily become more of a market economy system. In this stage of high-speed economic growth, the capital Phnom Penh became a popular spot of both local and foreign population. The population growth also made the consumer market grows continuously. Benefit from the steady growth of consumption potential, supermarket chain brands usher in a new round of development.

Since the current supermarket retail industry is still adopting a relatively convention operating system, there is a lack of variety of fresh food ingredients and imported high-class food. It cannot fully satisfy the purchasing needs of the consumer segment. Through different market research and combination of innovation elements, GC Supermarket embraces the customer-oriented culture and builds a new anchor of purchasing market.

Respond to the change of consumption trend and living style, GC Supermarket leads the market by creating a brand-new shopping experience, in order to build a new ecology of supermarket. It introduced high class import food ingredients from different countries, fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, aquatic product zone covering several square meters, dazzling collection of utility products, carefully selected high quality and standard product, instant food. It satisfies the consumer needs of enhancing goods quality and shopping environment, letting them to enjoy perfect shopping experience, driving the fashionable shopping market and building a more decent consumption life for the local.

In GC Super, we put our efforts on the food quality, freshness and safety. We uphold the mission of customers eat well and eat healthily.

In order to create a relax and enjoyable shopping moment for the customers, our team focuses on product display and space design. The clear shopping line planning not only saves time for the customers to find what product they need, but also make them have more time to enjoy their leisure time other than shopping.

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Imported Beef Zone
Chinese/ Japanese Cuisine Zone
Aquatic Product Zone
Hong Kong Style Cuisine Zone
Western Style Cuisine Zone
Daily Utility Product Display Zone
Beverage Zone
On Sale Product Zone
Cashier Zone
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