GC Catering is created by Theresa Yuen ,the founder of Hong Kong Restaurant ,and GCC. Theresa Yuen has been living in Cambodia for nearly ten years. The first restaurant in Cambodia was born in the hope of bringing warmth to the Chinese people living in a foreign land because there was no traditional restaurant with Hong Kong styles in Cambodia. Currently, it has a number of branches to train local young people to join the catering industry, train the next generation for the society and give back to the society.

In 2016, the company opened the first Hong Kong Restaurant in Cambodia. After years of dedication, it has 7 branches, 5 in Cambodia and 2 franchises in Malaysia. Upholding to the spirit of "customer first", the company implements perfect and rigorous catering management, and puts a lot of thoughts into services like food, decoration design, dining environment etc. We have our own central kitchen, having not only strict requirements on food ingredients, but also checks the quality on different levels. Whether it's cooking or service, we insist on giving customers delicious, fashionable and comfortable dining enjoyment.

We value your dining environment and diet. Every dish is cooked meticulously. We also uphold professional service attitude and training in service. We patiently assist customers to satisify every question and demand of customers and make them feel like home.

With the rapid development of Cambodia, the catering industry has become more and more diversified. In the wide range of the market, the group gradually further expanded in the market since 2020, including Hong Kong Style Restaurant、Luk Hot Pot、皇朝會海鮮餐廳、金柬涼茶、正斗雲吞麵、新加坡肉骨茶、金柬夜市大排檔 , etc. In this high potential market, our goal is to bring vivid and innovative catering services. In order to improve the brand of the group, we constantly increase diversified restaurant management style, and strive to meet the demand of consumers in the catering market. In the future, we will actively and constantly innovate to build international catering enterprise.

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