The birth of Luk hot pot is inspired by the culture and concept of Hong Kong Restaurant. We provide a unique and different style from the store decoration to Menu. However, even in Cambodia is a hot country, hot pot is still our favorite dining choice, and the unique taste of Hong Kong style hot pot is one of the highlights.

More than 20000 pieces of glass are carefully sanctioned
Taste style. Perfect interpretation

The decoration design of Luk Hot Pot is meticulously created by GC design under GCC. From environmental decoration to design planning, we include old Shanghai decoration with modern decoration, which makes people feel full of artistic atmosphere.

Beside the open dining environment, the exclusive VIP private rooms are also created for customers. The luxurious and elegant decoration makes people feel like entering the palace of art. The top middle composition made of more than 20000 pieces of glass is even more amazing, which makes customers enjoy the delicious food and have the feeling of super high CP value. Spacious style is very suitable for high-end business banquet.

Environment Sketch
Lobby bar
Dining area in the lobby
Dining area in the lobby
VIP Room
VIP Room
VIP Room
3D sketch of VIP banquet room

The best ingredient in hot pot is the soup. In order to provide a good soup for local and foreigners, we constantly develop and select the best quality materials. All the soup bases are boiled for several hours without any MSG, which you can have a good soup besides hot pot.

Kampot pepper pork tripe chicken soup pot, use Cambodia Kampot pepper, with a unique floral pepper aroma! Peppery aroma, appetizer and antidote, especially for the major drinkers. The most coveted ones are the chicken pot with fish maw, not stingy ingredients in the pot, and the soup full of bone glue, which are loved by many girls.

Chicken pot with Fish Maw
Hong Kong crab Soup
More than ten kinds of fresh seafood and delicious food from overseas air transportation are strictly selected. With master's skillful and elaborate plate decoration, the ultimate original flavor is reappeared, and the vision is also pleasing to the eye. We insist on giving customers the best enjoyment.
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