Lixin Century Innovation Park is carefully built by GCC, Lixin group and local government. The project covers an area of 2500 hectares. It is located in the Sihanoukville named after the "Queen of Funan Dynasty" and "Queen of Ream" of Cambodia's first dynasty. It is a rare natural resource surrounded by two mountains and adjacent to the bay. It is a tourism and vacation demonstration area mainly built by the Cambodian government. Combining the tropical rain forest and the world's scarce mangrove wetland reserve, the trillions of mangroves and intertwined vines meet to form a rich habitat for marine life, and on the premise of protecting nature, reflect the customs of Cambodia and build an international high-end commercial, entertainment and leisure resort

Ream International Racecourse

Lixin Innovation park is only 5 minutes away from Ream International Racecourse, which is the largest and highest level racecourse in Cambodia. Ream International Racecourse covers an area of about 30 hectares and is expected to be completed in 2023, the year when the Southeast Asian Games will be held. At that time, Ream International Racecourse will be the main stadium of the 2023 Southeast Asian Games and the venue for international events.

Ream International Golf Course

Ream International Golf Course is only 5 minutes away from the Lixin Century Innovation park. It is the largest golf course in Cambodia. This is a mountain golf course built by combining ecology and nature. The overall planning is designed in strict accordance with USGA standards, maintaining the original land type and building in different ways. A total of four 9-hole Championship golf courses are planned, or can be understood as two 18-hole Championship golf courses. As the course is located in a tourist city, in order to provide better customer experience and market prospects, the course can also be flexibly used for 18-hole Championship golf course.

Emerald Lake Park

Located in the center of Lixin Century Innovation park, the Emerald Lake Park surrounds the Emerald Lake, with fresh air, rippling lake water and vast smoke. The ecology and garden art are natural, resulting an harmonic ideal place for residents to relax, exercise and enjoy the scenery, creating a forest land and green space, accompanied by trees and flowers, ecological and environmental integration creats a harmonious space between man and nature.

Lixin Century Innovation Park Casino

Standing proudly in front of Dongyao Entertainment Center, the entertainment city has all the facilities for leisure and entertainment. In addition to hotels and villas, there is also a spacious, comfortable and stylish casino. The casino is open 365 days a year. There are lucky opportunities to surprise you every day.

Dongyao Entertainment Center

Composed of 7 Commercial high-rise buildings, Dongyao Entertainment Center provides 10000 working positions. It is a new commercial and economic hub in Cambodia. In addition to commercial office buildings, the city includes cultural and art centers, business centers, hotels and villas, supermarkets, fashion stores and entertainment areas.

Qushui Street

Qushui street has more than 100 businesses, including restaurants, stationery stores, supermarkets and leisure areas. It is a tourist attraction integrating modern fashion, art and entertainment. The street is built around the wide blue lake and is perfectly located in Lixin Innovation Park. Qushui street is interspersed by a canal reflecting all the beautiful and prosperous sceneries on it.

Villa type

Hillside Villa

It is located in the quiet Ream mountain. Each villa is built in different styles and concepts. From the villa, you can see the Emerald Lake Park and the surrounding magnificent scenery in Lixin Century Innovation Park. It is full of static or dynamic vitality during the day or at night.

Crystal Villa

It is everyone's dream to have a luxury villa in the top golf community. The spacious forest view villa exudes elegance and comfort, overlooking the international golf course and the surrounding natural beauty from one's own villa. A lifestyle with a perfect combination of family and health..

Land Plot

You can choose to own this land plot. It has convenient transportation and is only a short distance from the business district, schools and leisure centers. Coupled with the noble lineage of golf and the natural greening environment, it will bring unparalleled added value to the single family villa close to the golf course. Cambodia is in an upward stage of economy, and all economic indexes are rising upward. At this time, buying this high cost performance land to become a land owner will not only ensure the investment, but also enjoy the appreciation income in the near future.

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