GC Tech is a professional information technology team, mainly providing services including mobile enterprise proposal, commercial digitize, network security management and “Internet of Things“ technique. The team consists of software designer, software engineer and testing engineer. Members are from local and Hong Kong. They have years of working experience. They keen to design technical plan with high stability, high efficiency and high flexibility for precious clients. With our professional and spirit of keep improving to serve different enterprises and the experience we learnt in information technology industry in the past few years, we are sure that we can provide you the most suitable and all-round technical support solution plan.


Our team strongly believe that information can change everything. It is the key element of bringing blue ocean to all the businesses. Through digitalizing and mobilizing the current business mode, we can definitely bring infinite business opportunity. Moreover, the whole development of Cambodia is progressing day by day. The development potential of information technology is also the top of the world. Therefore, we insist to attract technology talents from locals. We provide industry-related training, in order to enhance the technology soft power of locals and international competitiveness.

GC Tech provides services for enterprises including:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Mobile APP Design and Development
  • Backend Management System Design and Development
  • Cross Platform Game APP Design and Development
Person In Charge
Peter Chow

Peter is a degree holder of Hong Kong University majoring in Computer Engineering. From 2015 to 2019, he has been cooperating and interacting with several start-up enterprises, including world popular 9GAG and the VR lab, imseCAVE, located in HKU. He is also the cofounder of a Hong Kong emerging social media APP Gööp. In a very short time, he successfully promotes Gööp into all the colleges in Hong Kong. The number of users is about 50% of the university students in Hong Kong. It is now even landing in Taiwan. After that, he was hired by Google in Tokyo Japan, providing elite technical support and solution plan for enterprises worldwide.

Case study
Real Time, Interactive and Responsive Information Chart Website
Responsive Single-Page APP Website
Multi-Functional Brand Integrated Platform
Full-Range Backend Management System
Cross-Platform Mobile APP
Commercial Digitalized APP Proposal
Interactive Market Promotion Activity Website
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