The founding of GC medical aimed to promote human health and well-being, improving patients' health management ability, to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and to build a safe and secure health system for the Cambodian people, to also promote a healthy lifestyle with availability, accessibility and acceptability.

Health is the foundation of all achievements and the most precious wealth in life. Health and life are inseparable, they need continuous efforts to manage, actively build healthy behaviour and strive to practice a healthy lifestyle in order to create a happy life.
People are the core of the community, and health is the basic right of people. Health no longer depends only on individual efforts, but also requires a supportive environment to promote healthy lifestyle as a habit.

GC Imperial doctor

There are registered and recognized professional Chinese medicine practitioners in Cambodia, providing custom treatment proposal for patients with different body condition. Services include acupuncture, physiotherapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese massage, Chinese medical Orthopaedics, and combination of traditional Chinese Medicine. The purpose is to bring excellent herbal medicine culture to Cambodia through mild Chinese medicine therapy, constructing a comprehensive medical system and platform, provide choices in addition of western pharmaceutical culture, and the use of extensive and profound Chinese medicine, allowing more opportunities in treating unfamiliar public in Cambodia.Details

BioPlus Health Center

We provide ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy). We focus on the overall health concept and diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, and provide help for patients with complex or chronic diseases and patients who want to maintain health.Details

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