GCC 日前很榮幸和香港其中一大地產代理巨頭利嘉閣簽定合作協議代理我們的CEO項目
2021/11/01 18:46


屆時將會有利嘉閣海外物業及投資移民有限公司董事王保衡先生,CT Development International Ltd 董事總經理鄧澤堂先生和GCC 金柬世紀財務總監林濠斌先生為各位剖析投資市場走勢,名額有限,如對展銷會有興趣,請即聯絡我們!
GCC is very honored to have signed a cooperation agreement with one of Hong Kong's largest real estate agency giants, Ricacorp, to represent our CEO project! A trade fair will also be held at the Tsuen Wan Nina Hotel for two consecutive days (6-7/11).

At the event, Mr. Andy Wong, Director of Ricacorp Overseas Property 利嘉閣海外物業, Mr. Nicholas Tang, Managing Director of CT Development International LTD, and Mr. Zeus Lam, Chief Financial Officer of 金柬世紀 GCC, will be present to analyze the investment market trend of Cambodia. Spots are limited. If you are interested in the event, please contact us at once!