2021/12/16 12:05

籌備將近一年,GC 烏亞西市場正式動工,早前在預售期間經已售出超過1000套,「風靡」全柬埔寨,可見柬埔寨大眾對本項目的熱切渴望

金柬世紀 GCC致力在柬埔寨發展,以創新、務實的風格成功打入當地巿場,著力改善當地民生環境,並全力協助當地經濟發展!在未來將會繼續為柬埔寨社會帶來更多「貼地」、「實用」的項目感謝各位一直對我們的支持

GC Orussey Market Construction Officially Started

GCC prepared the project over a year, and today GC Orussey Market has officially begun in Cambodia。 We sold over 1,000 units in presale phrase and became the HOT topic in Cambodia. It showed the great interest of this project in Cambodia’s market.

GCC an innovative and pragmatic branding style, well developed in Cambodia. We aim to improve the living environment and fully support the local economic development. It is our goal to launch more valuable and beneficial projects in the futureThank you for supporting GCC