Borey NADI by GC City 動土儀式圓滿成功 🧧
2021/07/05 12:37

今天是GCC 的大喜日子,我們的大型高端別墅項目 NADI 正式進入下一個階段




在疫情最差的時候,我們依然能站得住腳,一直堅信美好的彩虹將會到來 未來我們會更加盡心竭力的將最好的產品和服務帶給我們柬埔寨的家



Borey NADI by GC City ground-breaking ceremony was a complete success

Today marks a big day for GCC, our large-scale high-end villa project NADI officially enters the next stage

The two-year plan has changed from a lake to land, from a piece of white paper to multiple biblical-thick building and design plans

All of this, thanks to our teams for their hard work and contributions

We would like to thank our team members, partners and customers of the global group for their dedication and devotement

At the worst of the epidemic, we were still able to rise and passionately believe that a beautiful rainbow will follow. In the future, we will do our best to bring the best products and services to our clients

GCC united as one

Let's go! One for all! All for one!