2021/07/19 15:28

這次活動由GC CARE及GC CATERING與香港茶餐廳一同舉辦愛心派飯活動。疫情之下,希望藉由微薄之力,讓那些需要幫助的人得到一餐溫飽。也希望藉此活動,帶動大家一同參與善心活動,付出關懷與愛心,一同回饋社會。

以行動成就愛心,讓慈善走進生活 架起慈善橋樑,建設美好溫馨的社會

Free meal giveaway

This event was organized by GC CARE, GC CATERING and Hong Kong Restaurant together with a free meal giveaway event. Under the pandemic, we hope that with our modest hope and efforts, provide a meal to those in need. We also hope that this activity will encourage everyone to participate in charity activities, give care and love, and give back to the community together.

Achieve love with action Let charity come into life

Build a bridge for charity build a beautiful and warm community