2021/07/12 03:10

上星期六 (10/7) 師房產有限公司與一帶一路發展協會於GCC香港總部舉辦了一場分享會。協會創會會長兼主席張玉書先生分享了柬埔寨作為「一帶一路」的重要一環,如何憑藉自身優勢,脫穎而出。當日,香港環境師學會會長何忠明博士亦分享了當地環境的保肓工作及策略。現場坐無虛席,反應熱鬧。如對柬埔寨及房地產有興趣的投資者,請留意我們的FB專頁,我們會繼續為各投資者舉辦多元化的講座。

Last Saturday (10/7) Master Real Estate Ltd. and the Belt and Road Development Association held a sharing session at GCC Hong Kong headquarters. Mr. Jackie Cheung, founding president and chairman of the Association, shared how Cambodia, as an important part of the “Belt and Road” initiative, can stand out from the crowd with its own advantages. On the same day, Dr. Tommy Ho, the president of the Hong Kong Institute of Environmentalists, also shared the work and strategies of protecting the local environment. The sharing was packed with interested parties, and the reaction was lively. For investors who are interested in Cambodia and real estate, please pay attention to our FB page. We will continue to hold diversified seminars for investors.