GCC帶你遊金邊 ~ TGIF
2022/01/14 11:27

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相信大家都知道Sora Sky Bar係望金邊夜景最靚的空中酒吧之一

但係其實柬埔寨除左哩間空中酒吧可以望到金邊夜景之外,仲有一間係小編個人非常鍾意、氛圍環境又好、又值得大家去打卡的地方,就係HighGround Sky Bar!

一杯可以令你釋放工作壓力的“Dry Martini”,一份獨特美味的甜品,可以令你一邊享受收工的快樂時光,一邊望著金邊最美最靚的城市夜景。


GCC takes you to Phnom Penh~ TGIF

Happy Friday again TGIF

The editor is so ready to wrap up the day with inviting a couple of my close friends for happy hour

I believe everyone knows that Sora Sky Bar is one of the most beautiful sky bars in Phnom Penh, but in fact, in Cambodia, in addition to Sora, which overview the night view of Phnom Penh, there is another personal favorite, and the atmosphere and environment are extraordinary; A worthwhile place for everyone to check in is the High Ground Sky Bar!

A cup of "Dry Martini" that can release the stress from work, a unique and delicious dessert, can happiness to anyone after work, while looking at the most beautiful city night view in Phnom Penh.

Enough talking, its time for me to head over there immediately