Lixin century is an overseas branch established in China by Golden Cambodia century and Lixin group. Its business covers Southeast Asia and its head office is rooted in Cambodia. It is an international comprehensive enterprise facing ASEAN market. We have rich experience in real estate investment and marketing, inherit the concept of the head office and excellent development and operation management, to create the best quality overseas connection business platform. Our mission is to lead the business opportunities of Cambodia to the Chinese market, and provide customers and investors with the most advanced information and perfect services.

Win win opportunities
Enabling the future

With the development of the belt and road initiative and the broad international vision and local opportunities of enterprises, in the near future, more large-scale investment projects will be launched one after another to further realize the vision and mission of enterprises, build top Cambodian land investment enterprises, build financial and investment bridges across ASEAN and the belt and road initiative, and make contributions to economic development and expand more business opportunities.

Person In Charge
陳淩浩 Lego Chan

Mr. Chen is the group project director, has many years of experience in overseas asset allocation, financial consulting and other fields. Before joining the group, he served as the regional director of the world top 500 famous financial companies, had 10 years of overseas asset allocation experience, managed a large sales team, and led the team to win famous international awards. He is committed to providing the most comprehensive and high-quality asset allocation plan for customers. Mr. Chen has been focused on the market of China and Hong Kong, and has developed high-quality pipelines and distributors. In the early years, the real estate in Greater Bay area district has been distributed, and has some opinions and Analysis on the domestic real estate market. At the same time, he is familiar with various network marketing schemes in the current market, and can effectively connect online and offline resources, and strive to bring effective flow transformation for the group. Mr. Chen believes that relying on the strength of the group and the current policies and advantages of Southeast Asia will definitely help to develop a new and dynamic team in China.

黎晉鳴 Dominic Lai

Mr. Li is the project director of the group, with the qualification of CFC Chartered Financial strategist and over 12 years of rich experience in project and business management. He is good at analyzing the market, market dynamics and development trends. Relying on the advantages of personal professional and corporate strategy to form a high degree of unity. With rich experience in capital market listing in Hong Kong and overseas, in-depth theoretical research and entity operation experience in financial management and financial companies, focusing on high net worth individual clients and professional investors. Have keen and original views on overseas real estate project positioning, opportunity innovation and promotion. He mainly integrates real estate and financial solutions into investment products, and integrates the products into the market to maximize the profits of investors and groups at all levels.

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