Lixin century is an overseas branch established in China by Golden Cambodia century and Lixin group. Its business covers Southeast Asia and its head office is rooted in Cambodia. It is an international comprehensive enterprise facing ASEAN market. We have rich experience in real estate investment and marketing, inherit the concept of the head office and excellent development and operation management, to create the best quality overseas connection business platform. Our mission is to lead the business opportunities of Cambodia to the Chinese market, and provide customers and investors with the most advanced information and perfect services.

Win win opportunities
Enabling the future

With the development of the belt and road initiative and the broad international vision and local opportunities of enterprises, in the near future, more large-scale investment projects will be launched one after another to further realize the vision and mission of enterprises, build top Cambodian land investment enterprises, build financial and investment bridges across ASEAN and the belt and road initiative, and make contributions to economic development and expand more business opportunities.

Person In Charge
黎晉鳴 Dominic Lai

黎先生為集團的合夥人,具備 CFC 特許金融策略師資格,擁有超過12年項目和商業管理領域的豐富經驗。善於分析市場、市場動態、發展趨勢。憑藉個人專業的優勢與公司戰略形成高度統一。對香港及海外的資本市場上市工作具豐富資歷,在財務管理及金融公司等方面有深入的理論研究和實體操作經驗,專注於高淨值個人客戶和專業投資者服務領域。對海外房地產項目定位、機會創新與推廣有極具敏銳及獨到的見解。主要將房地產和金融性方案整合包裝為投資性產品,將產品普及化地融入市場,令各層面的投資者及集團得到最大的利潤。

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