Soho Night Market is created to give people a comfortable place to eat, drink, and enjoy themselves during night out. Combining the ingenuity of foreign night market food and food stalls, such as street stalls, night markets, and roadside stalls, all represented in one location. We combined the characteristic of food market at Soho mall reflecting the unique life culture for all visitors and providing strong cultural atmosphere while tasting delicious food.

The clean and tidy open dining space , plus the ingenuity of starlight tent, as well as the well-designed stage performance, surrounded with a variety of food and snacks stalls, introducing the characteristics of Asian food market concept with authentic and delicious snacks, creating a place for Phnom Penh foodie destination.


Local fresh wild seafood, Chaoshan authentic snacks, Chaoshan air-delivered ingredients, authentic Shantou brine and Chaoshan-style private kitchen dishes!


Carefully selected fresh ingredients with a wide variaty of vegetables, meat, seafood, and delicious barbecue with unique seasoning.


Fresh seafood, a wide variaty of vegetables and meats are delivered daily providing cuisines filled with cambodian flavors.

Environment Sketch
Address:Soho mall, National Assembly street, Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh 路線規劃